UNIQBROW Travel Sunglasses

 Traveling in Croatia


Our journey began on the tiny island of Lopud, Croatia in 2010.  Andrew was on a kayaking trip and stopped on the island for lunch.  I was backpacking through Croatia alone to escape my computer.  Neither of us really spoke the others language, we managed to create a series of conversations in broken English and Castellano over 4 hours.  We talked about religion, politics, family, and travel.  When I got back on the ferry I assumed that would be the end of that.  

The next day I got an email, Andrew had left his kayak trip and came to Dubrovnik to see me.  The hostels were all booked so he ended up sleeping on the couch in the entry way of a hotel.  The next day we met for breakfast, and decided to grab a ferry to visit Korčula.  We spent three weeks traveling through Croatia, and Bosnia, followed by three weeks at my house in Barcelona.  Since then we haven't been apart, we have lived in San Francisco, Berlin, and Barcelona together.  We have traveled to 14 countries, and now have two kids.  

During our travels we always had trouble keeping our sunglasses intact.  They would break in our suitcase, pockets, backpacks, or falling off our heads onto the floor.  Other travelers kept telling us similar problems, so we set out to create a pair of glasses that could travel around the world stuffed in any suitcase without breaking.  

After a year of testing materials,  UNIQBROW was born in a garage in Barcelona.  Since then we have met travelers from all over the world who have brought our sunglasses to over 70 countries!