Our Journey began in Lopud, Croatia...

Engineered for Travel

We met on this Island, Lopud, Croatia in 2010. Since then we have traveled to 14 countries, and lived in 5 cities. We believe travel isn’t about selfies, monuments, or status. It’s about living, discomfort, and stories.   At a time when we have access to any information at our finger tips, travel is where we really learn about ourselves and the people around us.  

We are restless travelers exploring the world, and we wanted sunglasses that traveled like us. We engineer sunglasses that let you get the most out of every journey. Using innovative QUIROFLEX smart material, our glasses are all terrain travel companions.

72 countries visited

When you travel, everything you carry has a purpose. We work together with you, our customers, to constantly upgrade and optimize our glasses for your travel needs.  

We create sunglasses using innovative materials that let you focus on your journey. Our sunglasses are extremely lightweight (no nose marks!), flexible, reinforced with TR-90, resistant to extreme temperatures, easy to clean, and with scratch resistant polarized lenses.  

Our glasses have traveled to 72 countries, where will you take them?

Made in Barcelona

UNIQBROW is made in Barcelona, a hub for travel, tourism, design, and culture. 14.5 million people visit our city each year. From our first store we have met people from dozens of countries.

UNIQBROW glasses are made for the most extreme adventure, or the most relaxed strolls, our glasses can handle absolutely anything.