Made in Barcelona

We use technology to create products that are environmentally friendly, and user friendly.

Designed for modern humans

UNIQBROW was created by us, Andrew and Cris, in Barcelona. We wanted to create glasses that adapted to people’s active lifestyle, and gave them the freedom to personalize their look everyday. We spent a year smelling plastics, developing patents, traveling to industrial parks and creating prototypes with 3D printing and Play-Doh. Finally, in 2014 UNIQBROW was born

Engineering freedom

Our slogan reflects the technical innovation in our patented products. We are in constant motion; we bike to work, stand at our desk, rollerblade to the beach, and jog with friends. Our glasses are engineered with Smart Material to handle your active lifestyle, and designed so you look great doing it.


From production to promotion we avoid exploitation. We hire local workers with fair wages, and present images that do not objectify human beings. Our glasses are made from environmentally friendly material, plus they are Vegan and Gluten free.